Lickimat Dog Sprinkles Duck & Orange


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We now offer the new LICKIMAT SPRINKLES: a fast and fresh shake-on baked treat that will keep the pet engaged for ages while taking only seconds to prepare
What is so special about Sprinkles?
Because it is quick and convenient.
Because they are very low in calories.
Because they are healthy
Because they are hypoallergenic.
Because they have no wheat, sugar, salt or other nasties.

Rapid repeat business
Our testing shows cats and dogs lap this product up so
customers will be back for more every month.
We have close to 1 million users already with the pet
owners joining by the hundreds a day.
LickiMat is truly a viral best-selling pet product.
LickiMat works and now this new spread will make the pet owners life easier while making the pet calm and happy.
Sprinkles are freshly baked in Devon, a crunchy biscuit that is crushed into small crumbs to shake onto a Lickimat.

How to Buy

To buy from us, please visit us in Ruthin or contact us to place an order on 07927067209 or

You can pay by card in store or by bank transfer over the phone.

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