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Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag

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- Ideal for basic
- Advanced or competitive dog training
- Helps keep clothes/ pockets free from stains and smells, Easy- close treat pouch for single handed access to treats
- Removable pouch for washing and treat storage
- Extra pockets- great for all your personal items
- Fully adjustable belt strap.

The Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag is a highly effective dog training aid making up part of the new BehaveRite range. The bag was designed by Claire Arrowsmith, a professional Animal Behaviourist, to provide a suitable method of storing dog training treats for use during training sessions.

The Mikki Treat Bag is a deluxe bag which is suitable for basic, advanced and competition level dog training. Having a treat pouch specifically for dog treats helps to protect your clothes from smelly treats, stains and crumbs. The Deluxe Training Bag has an easy-close pouch which can be accessed with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for training use.

The pouch can be removed so that it can be washed and the treats can be stored when the bag is not in use.

An extra pocket on the front of the bag provides another space to store your personal items during training.

The Treat Bag has a fully adjustable belt strap.

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